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National health advice and guidance

Government information for the UK


Looking after yourself


A social story to explain Coronavirus (for children with social communication difficulties)

Home schooling & Staying at home App

Talking to Children about illness - The Division of Clinical Psychology

Talking points for parents and teachers


Coronavirus infection and pregnancy – Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists


Guidance on social distancing

The Psychologist by the British Psychological Society – Papers, articles and resources

Coronavirus educational video for kids

This page is updated on a regular basis.

These resources are free with the exception of some books. I never recommend a book that I do not use myself in my therapeutic work with families.


There are some affiliate links to books on amazon which are highlighted with an asterisk. This means I get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links but there is no extra cost to you. 

Any commission I make goes into helping me develop more resources that I can offer for free on this page.



Oxford owl – learning for home for ages 3-11yr


Five Minute Mum – fun educational activities for kids up to age 5yr


Montessori from the Heart – creative ideas for learning

Twinkl Home Learning

BBC Bitesize

Coronavirus and UK School Closures - Division of Educational and Child Psychology

Download resource paper here 

The Great Indoors - The Scouts

Learning difficulties


British Dyslexia Association

National Autistic Society

Supporting Neuro-diverse Children in self-isolation


Mindfulness & Relaxation


Mindfulness classes for kids

Free guided meditations and other useful resources.

NHS Mindfulness information

Calm - a free app with guided meditations

Mindfulness audio recordings by Russ Harris (author of The Happiness Trap)

Internet and Social Media Controls

Safer Internet website


Anxiety & Worry

The Worrysaurus - for 1-5yr olds *

The Huge Bag of Worries - story book for children (can be used as an activity) *

Meesha Makes Friends - for 5yr+

A sensitive book with beautiful illustrations to open up conversations with children who struggle making friends.

Ruby's Worry - For 5yr +

A thoughtful book that may open conversations up about worries


Child Bereavement UK - useful information for young people *


Winston’s Wish. Videos, things to read and a place to share some of your memories:


Cruse Bereavement Care - For adults and young people

Waterbugs and Dragonflies - explaining death to children *

Muddles, Puddles and Sunshine - workbook *

Badgers Parting gifts - narrative story about death and remembering *

The Heart and the Bottle - for tweens and older kids *

Where are you Lydie? - A book about sibling death


Race, Anti-Racism and Diversity

Why I am no longer talking about race to white people - Reni Eddo Lodge

Me and White Supremacy - Layla Saad

This Book is Anti-Racist: 20 lessons on how to wake up, take action and do the work *

Lovely - Jess Hong*

Little Leaders: Visionary Women Around the World*

All are Welcome - Alexandra Penfold*

The Great Big Book of Families - Mary Hoffman & Ross Asquith*

One love - Music books for children - Cedella Marley*

Finding Om - Rashmi S Bismark*

My Friend Earth - Patricia MacLachlan*

Lola Plants a garden - Anna McQuinn


Narrative Therapy

Evaluating the Tree of Life Project - An Innovative Way of Engaging Children and Young People with Type 1 Diabetes  (Download PDF)

The Tree of Life Project at UCLH - Presentation to the RCPCH

UCLH Diabetes webpage (with links for training on The Tree of Life project)